Summer freshness and exhilarating highs – that's what the mountain experience is all about with us!

The hintergrathütte is an important base camp for climbing the Ortler via the Hintergrat ridge. But there are also a lot of other hikes to enjoy. Be it as a day trip or a starting point for a longer tour, the hintergrathütte is suitable for mountaineers and hikers with a wide range of ambitions!

Safe travels and top-notch advice

Be mindful in the mountains!

Of course, we're happy to provide personal advice at the Hintergrathütte about further options. We're even glad when you seek our advice. After all, we're extreme experts. That means we know all about mountain weather and the conditions on the...

Of course, we're happy to provide personal advice at the Hintergrathütte about further options. We're even glad when you seek our advice. After all, we're extreme experts. That means we know all about mountain weather and the conditions on the trails, ridges, and summits. After all, we've been here for 40 years, so it's better to ask us before you tackle a mountain. Conditions in the mountains change quickly. If you're still a relatively inexperienced hiker, employ a mountain guide from the Ortler Alpine School or ask the famous Toni Stocker if he can accompany you.

If you're unsure, there are just two simple words that count in the mountains: turn back!

Our classic

To the Ortler via the Hintergrat ridge

Elevation gain: 1,244 meters

Duration: about 4 hours

Fitness level: only for experienced mountaineers!

This might be a challenging, high-alpine tour on rock and ice at difficulty levels of II to IV, but it's absolutely top-notch! Some sections are icy and have a gradient of up to 40 degrees. So, equip yourself well with crampons, harness, helmet, rope, carabiners, etc.! Be especially cautious after periods of rain: the terrain can loosen, causing rockfalls. To be on the safe side, it's best to contact us or the Alpine School in Sulden before setting out. Toni Stocker can also provide good information. On this kind of climb it is extremely important to be well-informed about the conditions on the mountain and the weather!

Into the white wonderland

Glacier path from Schaubachhütte to Hintergrathütte

Elevation gain:

Duration: about 3-4 hours

Fitness level: good endurance and surefootedness

This is one of our favorite tours. You walk steadily along the foot of the three peaks and have a wonderful view of the unique world of the Alps. The glacier reveals itself, and you can admire its bizarre ice tongues and formations. Besides proper footwear, a full water bottle is an absolute must. Please be cautious. There is no proper trail here, so you'll be walking on scree a lot. The route is marked, but there's a risk of slipping in wet conditions. That’s why this tour is only recommended in good weather.

Detailed description

  1. Start at Sulden cable car

  2. Ascend either on foot or by cable car

  3. The Schaubachhütte (currently closed) is at the mountain station

  4. Pass through moraines and scree beneath the three peaks (Königspitze, Zebrù, and Ortler) to the hintergrathütte.

Five in one go

Hut-to-hut hike from Ultental to Trafoi Valley

Highest point: 3,124 m | Lowest point: 1,475 m

Total distance: approximately 54 km

Duration: varies depending on the section (see below)

Fitness level: experienced hikers with good endurance

Are you ready for a real hut-to-hut circuit? Then this is the perfect tour for you! You'll visit a total of 5 mountain refuges along the way, six even, if you wish. On your journey, you'll encounter breathtaking viewpoints and impressive mountain landscapes in the Ortler and Cevedale groups. First, you'll follow the path from the Ulten Valley to Rabbi Valley in Trentino. Then you'll pass through the Martell Valley to Sulden and finally to Trafoi, where your hike ends. Since the hike starts in a different place from the destination, we recommend that you drive by car from the Reschen Pass to Spondinig, park at the railway station there, and then take the Vinschgau Valley Railway to Merano. From here, continue by bus to the starting point in the Ulten Valley. When you arrive in Trafoi, the bus will take you back to your car. If you're coming from the direction of Bolzano, you can park your car in Merano and take the bus to the Ulten Valley. After the mountain tour, take the bus from Trafoi to Spondinig. From the railway station there, you can take the train back to Merano where your car is parked. There are numerous car parks in Merano.

Detailed description:

  1. Travel to the Ulten Valley and ascend to Haselgruber Hütte (approximately 3 hours)

  2. Haselgruber Hütte to Rif. Dorigoni (approximately 3 to 4 hours)

  3. Rif. Dorigoni to Zufallhütte (approximately 4 hours)

  4. Zufallhütte to Hintergrathütte (approximately 7-8 hours)

  5. Hintergrathütte to Tabarettahütte (approximately 3 hours) Option for an excursion to Payerhütte

  6. Tabarettahütte to Trafoi (approximately 3 hours)

Afternoon excursion with a magnificent view

To the platform above hintergrathütte

This tour is of short duration. If you prefer to be active rather than sunbathe on our beautiful terrace, you can easily accomplish it in an afternoon. The trail starts behind the lodge – right where Trail No. 3 also starts. The path is not marked or numbered, making it a real insider’s tip! If you're unsure, feel free to ask. It follows the ridge all the way. Follow it until you reach the Three Stone Men. And there you are. You’ll be delighted by the wonderful 360-degree panoramic view. You can even see as far as Lake Reschen.

A family tip